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trilla jah echelon



Trilla -  

To remain True & Real in all that you do, without shame.

 •Synonyms: fearless, shameless, bold, Godly, gudda, passionate


Trilla Jah Echelon (TJE), was born early 2020; in the middle of a global pandemic & racial war. During hard times, most of us are taught to act out in rage; However TJE was created to serve TRUE & REAL love in a Godly society at all times. TJE understands that the energy you give, you will receive. TJE wants to inspire our people to be unapologetically themselves in fashion, to be true & real without shame, & to be bold when making a statement. 


TJE offers bold clothing that exudes vibrancy & encourages individuality. Most of the items we offer are Limited Editions, & May not be restocked, as we want our people to continuously feel exclusive. We encourage our #TrillaBaes to find dope ways to make conventional pieces stand out!


Our favorite people are #TrillaBaes who love to express their self through fashion daily; Whether chilling, at work or going out! They’re not afraid to wear the same statement piece twice, simply because they love it. 


A #TrillaBae is confident in how he/ or she walks, how they talk & most definitely in how they dress! They don’t conform to society’s views on what he/ or she should wear. Trilla Jah Echelon brand promotes SELF LOVE, SELF RESPECT, ORIGINALITY & SELF EXPRESSION 24/7!

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